Bristlecone Pacific

Live better. Live longer.

Bristlecone Pacific is a venture capital fund investing in innovative companies with world-class teams, developing evidence-based solutions to extend healthy human lifespan.

We believe new interventions, backed by scientific evidence, will enable humans to control the biological aging process and be youthful at any age.

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Our Focus Areas

Our Focus Areas
Our Focus Areas

“It is not an unreasonable expectation for anyone who is alive and healthy today to reach 100 in good health - active and engaged at levels we’d expect of healthy 50-year olds today.”

Harvard Medical School genetics professor and “Lifespan” author, Dr. David Sinclair

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Meet The Team

General Partner, Vancouver BC

Serial sports tech founder & CEO

Seasoned early stage VC

Angel investor and board member

General Partner, Copenhagen DK

AI and biotech executive

Medical doctor, specialized in oncology

Angel investor and board member

Principal, Vancouver BC

Strategy & CorpDev executive
(start-ups to Fortune 100)


Angel investor and Advisor

Scientific Advisors

Leading researcher on aging & neurodegenerative disease

Over 590 journal publications

Head of Molecular Genetics Lab at NIH for 30 years

Co-founder & Chief AI Officer at Evaxion (NASDAQ: EVAX)

Expert on AI, bioinformatics and in silico platforms

Focused on longevity and immune system applications

Investment and Business Advisors

Serial entrepreneur & investor in tech and biotech

Facilitating technology and pharma investments in Asia-Pacific

Founder & Chief Investment Officer – ISAR Capital Partners

20 years investment management experience

Founder – Nordic Investment Partners

35 years experience in global equities (investment banking, asset management, investor relations) and board roles

Senior Fellow at the Council on Strategic Risks

Assistant Secretary of Defense for NCB Programs under President Obama

Dan Eisenhardt

Founder & CEO – FORM
Smart swim goggle start-up, ARR $5M, raised US $30M in funding, growing at 200% YoY

Co-Founder – Rhino Ventures
Western Canada’s leading early stage venture fund with C$168M AUM, Fund I achieved 11x TVPI and 61% gross IRR from 2015 to mid-2022

Co-founder & CEO – Recon Instruments (Intel)
Smart eyewear for sports, raised C$35M, acquired by Intel for C$175M in 2015. Became General Manager of Headworn Group with 1,300 people and $300M P&L

Investing and board experience
Invested in 30+ companies and served as board member in 7 of them.
Taken active role in over 10 end-to-end startup journeys from seed investor to exit

Lars Staal Wegner

AI and biotech executive
Former CEO of Evaxion Biotech (Nasdaq: EVAX) Grew company from 2 to 70 FTE, took multiple programs to clinical trials, led Nasdaq IPO

Leadership roles at Pfizer and Bavarian Nordic

Medical doctor

Capital markets and corporate development
Raised $200M+ via IPOs, follow-ons, venture rounds, HNI and grants.
Executed $3B+ in transaction value

Investing and board experience
Chairman: G-Mendel (AI and diagnostics)
Vice Chair: Gain and Co (robotics)
Vice Chair: How to Robot (robotics)

Investor in Rhino Ventures, Myopax, Raffle AI, Plex Research, PII Guard, Codesealer, Recon Instruments, FORM

Rudi Airisto

Head of Business Planning & Corp Dev – Article
Grew sales from $200M in 2018 to $500M in 2021

Chief of Staff – Grow Technologies
Acquired by ATB Financial in 2019

Head of Strategy, Wearables Group – Intel
Combined in-house and acquired wearable and AR/VR technology assets, spun out to Google

VP Business Development – Recon Instruments
Led partnerships in multiple new verticals. Acquired by Intel in 2015

Consultant – McKinsey & Company
Strategy, Ops, and Private Equity Due Diligence across USA & EMEA

Investing experience
Investor in Rhino Ventures, Sepior, AdQuantic, Mendelian, InProTher, LifeGait, Stryd, Recon Instruments, FORM, Matterway, Keycafe

Dr. Vilhelm Bohr

Dr. Vilhelm Bohr, M.D., Ph.D. is one of the world’s most published researchers on aging and neurodegenerative disease, with over 590 journal publications. For the past 30 years, Dr. Bohr served as Chief of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics at the National Institute on Aging, which is part of the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Dr. Bohr’s research focus has been on DNA damage and its processing in mammalian cells. Numerous papers from his laboratory have focused on mechanisms of DNA damage processing, particularly on nucleotide excision repair and transcription coupling. A main interest now is to elucidate how these processes change in relation to aging.

Dr. Bohr received his M.D. in 1978, Ph.D. in 1987, and D.Sc. in 1987 from the University of Copenhagen

Andreas Holm Mattsson

Andreas Mattsson is the Chief AI Officer of Evaxion Biotech, a Nasdaq listed AI biotech company. Andreas has had an interest in the longevity space for the past 15 years, with a focus on the immune system. He brings deep knowledge on how to utilize AI in the longevity space.

Andreas co-founded Evaxion in 2008, working on developing Evaxion’s in silico platforms and tools enabling vaccine discovery in the area of infectious diseases and immuno-oncology.

Prior to Evaxion, Andreas spent six years at Novo Nordisk developing in silico platforms.

Andreas is an experienced bioinformatician from the Technical University of Denmark.

Yobbo Meshak

Yobbo Meshak has a successful track record of building companies and fostering collaboration within the biotech and technology industries. As an entrepreneur, he has founded and invested in several early stage business ventures. He has also helped European pharmaceutical companies expand their business in the Asia-Pacific market for over 19 years.

He has facilitated collaborations between companies, private investors, universities, and governmental organizations for the development of innovative technologies.

Yobbo has worked with private equity investors throughout his career, and over the past 3 years alone, raised over $150M in funding across the tech, biotech, and logistics sectors.

Roselia St. Louis

Roselia St. Louis has over 20 years strategic investment management experience growing portfolios with top performing sector focus and an international diversification approach.

She began her investing career at the United Church Pension Boards, where she served as an Assistant Portfolio Manager of the multi- million dollar Large Cap Core Portfolio. She moved to Lord Abbett after 6 years at the Pension Boards to serve as Portfolio Manager of the multi-million dollar Large Cap Growth Portfolio. She is currently the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at ISAR Capital Partners.

Roselia holds an MBA in Finance from Cornell University and a BA in Economics from York University, Toronto.

Ole Søeberg

Ole Søeberg runs Nordic Investment Partners, an advisory service for investing, fundraising and strategy sparring built on his 38+ years of experience in global financial markets. Board member in investment related organizations for the past 25 years.

Ole has a successful track record of identifying important growth trends early and investing ahead of the curve as the trend matures.

He has been Chairman of Danish Shareholders Association, board member of Carnegie World Wide, Skagen Funds, TGS Nopec, Precise Biometrics, and AC Vision Fund.

Ole has managed capital for AC Vision Fund and Skagenfunds in Norway as CIO and fund manager since 2011. From 1985 to 2011, he held various roles in equity research, investment management, and Investor Relations with leading Nordic companies such as Alfred Berg, Carnegie TDC, and Tryg Insurance.

Ole holds an MBA from Copenhagen Business School, and completed executive courses at IMD and INSEAD.

Andy Weber

Hon. Andy Weber served as the United States Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Defense Programs under President Obama.

He has advised leading companies and government agencies in transformative technologies within biology, including DARPA, Ginkgo BioWorks, BioBot Analytics, and NTxBio.

Previous career: U.S. Foreign Service Officer, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center, Head of Global Partnerships at Metabiota, and Deputy Coordinator for Ebola Response, U.S. Department of State.

Andy currently serves as Senior Fellow at the Council on Strategic Risks, Washington DC.